" Indonesia with its many, many islands, developed a kitchen rich of different tastes and ingredients. With my Indonesian background i have cooked Indonesian dishes
for many years now and I love to share my knowledge and experience with you. Get to know this interesting kitchen in a 3 hour long workshop, when i will show you
how to make several Indonesian dishes and how to combine them into a real Indonesian Rice Table. See and taste the different ingredients, find local replacements for
the ones that are hard to find and mix them into tasty and surprising meals. At the end of the workshop i will off course let you taste all the prepared dishes and share
some time with you so you can ask me all about the Indonesian kitchen."

I hope to see you on 29th!
"Selamat makan!"
Paul Houthuijzen

Limited number of participants!
Workshop price: 700mkd
Tickets in Public Room Bar - 50 Divizija 22 and at contact@publicroom.org

Бројот на учесници е ограничен!
Цена за работилница: 700 ден.
Билети во барот на Јавна Соба - ул. 50 Дивизја бр 22 и на contact@publicroom.org