Neuro Linguistic Programming for children from 12-18 years

Date and time: Friday, 04.12.2015 - 18:00 - 19:00h
Venue: Public Room – Center for design and innovation
Mentor: Marija Milosevska
Language: Macedonian and English
Application: Click this link!

Workshop description:
Dear Parents and Children,
We would like to present you an interesting program which aims to encourage children to learn more about their resources and capacities to learn how to direct them to specific goals and how to organize their activities in relation to external resources in order to be more successful and happy in their activities and living.
NLPforChildren is a program for children that contains stimulating application techniques that will move children towards a process of awareness and introduction of their personality and surroundings. Knowing more about our own potential, learning how to build positive thoughts formulated in positive language phrases, we directly influence daily activities which build our lives. NLP comes from the words Neuro Linguistic Programming and is a sum of effective psychological techniques and exercises aimed at various purposes such as personal development, management of resources, sports and etc. It gains its popularity in the world in 1963 and quickly spreads as a direction that gives rapid changes in personal and professional field. Inspired by the effects, we made a program applicable to children who are in the period of development and where specific incentives will lead to the realization of their capacity.
Friday 4.12.15 from 18:00 - 19: 00h. We invite all who want to encourage their children aged 12-18 years to experience a one-hour creatively inspiring program. Location: Public Room, the kid’s room.
The topics that will be addressed this day will be:
- My senses, my world
- Where is my space?
- My creative expression
* Those who have attended NLP workshop that was held during Skopje Design Week are free to come to this workshop again as exercises will be processed in a different way.
See you. :)
Please reserve your presence, since we have limited number of seats!


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